Rules and regulations 2014

Rules and Regulations Arts and Crafts Competition

Il Sapere delle Mani” – 2014 – 5th Edition

The Il Sapere Delle Mani Association of Social Promotion together with the Nazzano Town Council and sponsored by The Nazzano Regional Nature Reserve Tevere-Farfa is organising the 5th Edition of The “Il Sapere delle Mani” Arts and Crafts Competition.

The aim of this event is to offer new stimuli to local arts and crafts men and women by promoting the gathering and reciprocal exchange with arts and crafts men and women from all over Italy and from abroad.

The Competition is divided into two categories:

  • Artistic craftsmanship

  • Leather

The theme is open for both categories.

1 – Participatory requirements

The competition is open to everyone over 18 years of age.
Exclusively pictorial works (paintings and icons) will not be admitted to the competition.

2 – Competition timeline
The Competition will be divided into three phases:

  1. Application must be submitted by 17th March 2014

Once the receipt of all applications submitted has been confirmed, the “Il Sapere delle Mani”Association will select35 worksfor the finalprize(20 for the Arts and Craftscategoryand15 for theleather).

  1. Final Application for the selected works must be submitted by 7th April 2014;

3. The Prize giving Ceremony will be on 18th May 2014.

3 – Competing works
Each participant may submit just one piece per category.

The works may be presented on behalf of a group(schools, associations etc).

The selected works will be exhibited at the Museo del Fiume (The River Museum) of Nazzano on the 17th and the 18th of May 2014 and will be published in the electronic and printed copy of the catalogue which will be distributed to each of the participants.

The assignment of thefinal prizeson 18th May, 2014will beorganized bya committeeof experts appointedby the“Il Sapere delle Mani”.

5 – Prize Giving Ceremony
Prize giving will be on Sunday 18th May at 19:30 in the Museo del Fiume of Nazzano and the following prizes will be handed out:

– Arts and Crafts Category:

1st Prize: handmade artifact + Euro 400,00

– Leather Category:

1st Prize: handmade artifact + Euro 400,00

– Public Prize (both categories):

One Prize: handmade artifact + Euro 200,00

– Jury Special Mention: handmade artifact

Craftsmen and women members of the Il Sapere delle Mani Association will create the handmade artifacts for the prizes. These works are not for sale and have been created as unique pieces.

Cash prizes will be paid into the winner’s bank account by bank transfer; each winner will inform the Association of their bank details after the Prize Giving Ceremony on the 18th May 2014.

All participants will be awarded a certificate of participation at the end of the Ceremony.

6 – Application

Apply to the competition by filling in the form and sending it to: ilsaperedellemani@libero.itby 17th March 2014.

2 images of the works must be attached to the application in JPEG format: max 2500 pixels width, 300dpi, RGB, max 5MB

The images will be used exclusively for application purposes and for publication in the electronic and printed catalogue. This documentation will not be rendered.

7 – Fees

Participation in the Competition costs 30 EUROS and must be paid “SOLELY for the works that have been selected for the competition and after the participant has been informed of the selection”

Payment must be sent to the Associazione IL SAPERE DELLE MANI, Via Mazzini 4, 00060 Nazzano – Rm as follows:

– Postgiro account n. 3108979

or by

– Bancoposta bank transfer –

codice IBAN: IT27P0760103200000003108979


On the payment please state the following:


8 – Deadlines
Deadline for electronic application and the image attachments is 17th March 2014.

Participants will receive confirmation of selection by 24th March 2014.

Selected participants must make payment of the fees as per paragraph 7 by 7th April 2013 and send confirmation of payment to

Please note thateach participant will be responsible for the costs of packaging, shipping, and the returning ofcompetition entries.Following the receipt offees, the Association will communicate theterms and conditionsto the selected participants.

9 – Information regarding the processing of personal data
By submittingthe application formto the Competitionparticipantsgrant the Il Sapere delle Mani Associationreproduction rightsofphotographs of the worksand texts sentandexpressly authorizethe Il Sapere delle Mani Association, and their directrepresentatives, to treattheirpersonal datain accordance with Law675/96 (Privacy Act), as amended Decree.196/2003(Privacy Code), solely for the purposesof organization andpublicityof the competitionandall the formalitiesrelated to it.

10 Winners of previous editions of the Competition

Images of winning works of previous editions of the Competition will be published in a special section of the printed and electronic catalogue.