Contest rules 2015

Arts and Crafts Competition

Il Sapere delle Mani” 2015 6th Edition

Il Sapere delle Mani – an association for social promotion, together with the municipality of Nazzano (Rome) and the patronage of Nazzano Tevere-Farfa Regional Nature Riserve are organizing the 5th edition of the Arts and Crafts Competition “Il Sapere delle Mani”.

The purpose of this event is to offer new incentives to craftsmen and artists in the area
by promoting exchange and interaction with artists and craftsmen from all over Italy

The Iron category is new this year encompassing all methods of handcrafting: hot and cold forging and more recent methods.

The works may be created with recycled materials.

The Competition will be divided into two categories:

– Arts and Crafts

– Iron

The theme for both categories is free.

If there are less than 25 entries for either of the categories it will be considered cancelled .

1 –Application requisites

Everyone over the age of 18 may apply.
Paintings and/or icons will not be considered for the competition.

2 –The Competition

The competition will run in 4 stages:

a) Application request to be submitted by 15th March 2015

b) Notice to applicants of works to enter the competition will be by 18th March 2015

c) Entry fee to be paid by 27th March 2015

d) Award ceremony by May 17th, 2015

3 –Competing works

Each participant may compete with just 1 work per category.

The works may be submitted by a group (schools, associations, clubs etc)

4–The Jury

The selection of the works and admission to the competition will be organised by “Il Sapere delle Mani” Association.

The selected works will be exhibited in the Museo del Fiume, Nazzano (Rome)on 16th and 17th May 2015 and will be published either in a printed or a multimedia catalogue to be distributed free of charge.

Each contestant will receive a Certificate of Participation.

The winners will be chosen on the 17th May 2015 by a Commission of experts appointed by the “Il Sapere delle Mani” Association.

5 – Prize Giving

The Prize Giving ceremony will be at 19:30 on Sunday 17th May the Main Hall of the Museo del Fiume, Nazzano (Rome) and the following prizes will be awarded:

Arts and Crafts Category:

First prize: crafted artifact + € 400,00

Second prize: crafted artifact + € 100,00

Third prize : crafted artifact

Iron Category

First prize: crafted artifact + € 400,00

Second prize: crafted artifact + € 100,00

Third prize: crafted artifact

Prize from the public: crafted artefact +€ 200,00

Jury special mention: crafted artefact

Members of the “Il Sapere delle Mani” craftsmen will create the crafted artifacts.

These prizes are not for sale and are one of a kind works.

The money prizes will be paid out by “Il Sapere delle Mani” Association by bank transfer;

The winners will give their bank details to the Association after the Prize giving ceremony on the 17th May 2015.


Application is by filling in the form attached and sending it to: by 14th March 2015. 2 jpg (2500 pixels widest side, 300dpi, RGB, 5 MB max) images of the work must accompany the application form.

These images are for the sole purpose of applying to the competition and for publication in the printed or multimedia catalogue. These images will not be returned.

7–Entry Fee

The €35 entry fee must be paid “exclusively for the competing works following receipt of notice of admission to the competition”.

Payment must be addressed to:


Via Mazzini 4, 00060 Nazzano (RM),


-post giro account number 3108979


-bank transfer to Banco Posta account:

IBAN: IT27P0760103200000003108979


Please indicate the following reference:


8 – Delivery

The works must be delivered personally or by courier by 15:00hrs on 15th May 2015 to

Associazione IL SAPERE DELLE MANI c/o Biblioteca Comunale di Nazzano
Via Mazzini 4 – 00060 Nazzano (RM)
mobile phone number 3423971583

Opening times are as follows: from Tuesday to Saturday (except for holidays) from 9:00 – 13:00 and from 14:00 to 16:30.

The last day for delivery is the 16th May from 10:00 to 12:00 at the Museo del Fiume, Nazzano.

On delivery each work will be checked for damage(condition report).

Each work must be packed in such a way as to be easily moved. The packaging material must be used for returning the work.

For insurance reasons works that are not appropriately wrapped, or that are in open boxes will not be accepted. Damaged works will not be accepted.

9- Deadlines

-The deadline for application and images is 14th May 2015

-Applicants will receive notice of entry to the Competition by 18th March 2015.

-Entrants must pay the entry fee as per article 7 of these rules and regulations by 27th March 2015 and conferm payment by sending proof of the money transfer to

– the works must be delivered to the Municiple Library of Nazzano (Biblioteca Comunale) by 15:00 on 15th May 2015 or to the Museo del Fiume on 16th May from 10:00 to 12:00.

10–Shipping Costs

Shipping expenses and return of the works is the responsibility of the participant.

11– Liability

The Association will take the utmost care in safeguarding and be liable for each work from the moment they are delivered to the venue until they are returned.

12– Returning

The pieces can be collected personally from the venue at the end of the event or be returned by courier(booked by the participant) by 13:00 on 18th May.

The Association is not liable for any shipping costs.

13–Winners from previous editions of the Competition

The winning works from the previous editions of the Competition will be published in the printed or multimedial catalogue .

14– Information on the processing of personal data

The applicants, by sending in the application form and images, accept the conditions following conditions:

The competitor expressly authorizes the IL SAPERE DELLE MANI Association to process personal data in accordance with Law 675/96 (Privacy Act), as amended Decree 196/2003 (Privacy Code), and also authorizes the inclusion in databases, printed and multimedia catalogues managed by the association.

15–Exclusion from the Competition

Failure to comply with the Rules and Regulations implicates the irrevocable exclusion from the Competition.


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